Hardwood vs. MDF Skirting Boards: Which Ones Better?

We see skirting boards everywhere but we never think about them unless and until the house needs renovation. Most people don’t know that there are several different types of skirting boards. The selection depends on the room they are going to be put up in. Here is a comparison of the two most commonly used materials for skirting boards.


Hardwood is a tough material because it can withstand wear and tear. It is the more expensive option because the wooden boards are made to order according to the requirements of the property. So while it does look great not everyone can afford it. Fitting a hardwood skirting board is also tricky business and one cannot do it unless they have professional skills. The timber has to be pre-drilled and wall plugs screwed in. After the wall plugs have been inserted the screw heads have to plug with wood pellets.


MDF skirting board is made of medium density fiberboard. This is a manmade material that is affordable and reliable. People choose MDF because it is durable and does not swell like wood or warp easily. It is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms because of the water-resistant nature.

An MDF skirting board can be ordered in one single piece that runs along the length of the entire room. There are no joints needed in the board so putting them up is easier whereas wooden floorboard are sold in meter-long pieces which have to be joined together through additional woodwork.

The MDF board does not have any splinters or knots in them so a coat of paint will go on more smoothly. With wooden boards the knots show through the paint and give a rough finish to the room.

Final Verdict

MDF provides a sleek touch to the room and is not very heavy on the pocket either. It is the more flexible option and lasts for a longer time as well.